Blandford Evening WI

BEspoke and BEspoken

Our Song

This song was especially written and sung by Liz Rawlings for the Blandford Evening W.I. ladies at our Christmas lunch. We all loved the lyrics and are very grateful to her for doing this for us.

If your pastry's soggy-bottomed or your jam will never set
Ladies, there is help out there - no need to fume or fret
They're creative and the're funny, and their jam is never runny
Just rely ......... on the WI.

The ladies of the WI are found throughout the land
Creating and debating, with cup of tea at hand
This inspiring institution makes the world a better place
Putting new skills at your fingertips and a smile upon your face.

If you're feeling a bit jaded, and long for something new
These lovely friendly ladies have a wealth of things to do
Trips and visits, things to make, lots of laughs and tea and cake
So please don't cry ..........join the WI

Long gone are the preconceptions about Jerusalem and Jam
There's no initial interview, no end-of-term exam
So come and stretch your mind, 'cos its guaranteed you'll find
It's a hoot ............ at the Institute

To educate, enrich, inspire is what they aim to do
No matter your age, race, or creed there's a welcome there for you
There's a branch in almost every town where local ladies meet
So come and join the WI, it'll be right up your street!

Ladies, I confess that I'm really quite perplexed
I simply can't imagine what you're going to tackle next
So much to do, so many things - embrace them, try them, spread your wings
And fly .............. with the WI